Thursday, June 21, 2012

Library 2.0 : Week 2

Social Networking.  I left the world of social networking (besides Goodreads) a year and a half ago.  Now I am returning to this world for the course I am taking all about Library 2.0.

I decided to create a Google+ profile as I have not used this networking site before.  I also have a gmail account, so I thought that I would not have to remember another password if I used this site.

What I did:
1. Went to my gmail account and clicked the "+You" button in the top left corner.
2. I added a picture and checked that the information was correct.
3. I added my sister and some friends to my circles and then added a "professional" circle and added the facilitator for this course.
4. Then I took a look at the profile page and made a couple of changes.
5. All done!  The Google+ profile is under my name.

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