Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Library 2.0 : Week 7

Social Cataloguing

This week we are learning about social cataloguing.  Sharing book loves and hates online.  I currently use Goodreads for reviewing and keeping track of what I read.  This site is great because I can keep track of when I read a book, what I thought of it, and what others think of it.  For this course, I went over to LibraryThing and set up an account there.  This site would be a great spot for libraries to turn to for reviews and to see what other libraries are saying about books and such.  I like the idea of integrating a LibraryThing account into the regular library catalogue.  I look forward to exploring these sites more.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

My love for music

This will be a personal favourite post.

All my life, I have enjoyed music.  My mother would often wake us up in the morning by playing on the piano (my favourite alarm ever!).  She also encouraged us in music lessons and in listening to music and even singing (though I am definitely an amateur there).  My siblings and I all love music and our tastes range greatly from person to person.  My one brother enjoys rap and hip hop the most.  Another brother says that he wants to learn to play the didgeridoo from Australia.  Others enjoy hymns, some pop, jazz, rock, contemporary Christian music of various genres, and of course the "classical" music of great composers throughout the ages.  I don't think any of us really enjoy country music though (probably because neither of our parents do).   

No one in my immediately family is an expert, but my mother's sister is a professional musician.  She plays the piano and teaches many excellent musicians.  I have never heard her in concert, since she lives across the country, but I did recently get an opportunity to enjoy her music in "concert" via youtube. 

If you enjoy Beethoven and orchestral music, click HERE and enjoy the show.  My aunt is the one at the piano.  Wondrous!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Library 2.0 : Week 6

This week we learned about using wikis.  There isn't much for me to post here since we did all our work at a wiki created for this course hosted by PB works.  It was neat to collaborate with people all over the place.  A wiki would be good to use in library settings for book lists, document editing & sharing (though we also use Google docs for this at my library), staff training, or even programming ideas.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Library 2.0 : Week 5

This week we are learning about photo sharing and podcasting.

1. Photo Sharing
I signed up for an Instagram account so I could post picture from various library events that I take on my smartphone.  Next, I uploaded a picture and linked it to Twitter.  I like that Instagram is an easy uploading program for your smartphone/ipod.  

I took this picture yesterday at out library's Hunger Games Challenge event. 
Just posted a photo

The photos from this event are also posted on my library's teen facebook page - another web 2.0 tool.

2. Podcasting
Hurray!!  I love listening to podcasts and now I have an idea for using them in the library.  Making a library tour or recording stories for later use would be a great idea for libraries to use this medium.  It would also be a interesting task for teens or adults to put together a book review or program review podcast from time to time.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Summer Reading Program

Kids SRP Poster
At my work, I am the children's (and unofficially the teen) librarian. This means that each summer my library runs eight weeks of summer reading programs (SRP). Who designs, promotes, and runs this program? Well ... that would be mostly me with the help of a summer student. This is my third summer here and I think I'm finally figuring out how it all works (or am getting better at flying by the seat of my pants).

My library is quite small. Our numbers range between 65 and 80 children signing up for the reading program throughout the summer and about half of them finishing it. This summer, there were already close to 60 signed up (including six teens for our new in-house program) before we even started programs this week. This makes me so excited. :)

Teen SRP Poster
My favourite part about the preparation for the SRP is the school visits. This year I visited five elementary schools (two private, two public, one separate). I love being able to interact with the children and get them excited about coming out to the library in the summer. I must admit, I don't mind being a celebrity in their eyes either. After I visit their schools, they come in to the library and say things like, "I saw you at my school yesterday." And then they sign up for summer reading. How fun!

So here's to using our imagination to take us on flights of fantasy and fun at our SRP in Summer 2012!!

Library 2.0 : Week 4

Social Bookmarking is the theme of my Library 2.0 course this week.  I have recently been exploring Pinterest (Click HERE to see my account) and find it a very visually stimulating board.  I found some neat ideas for a teen Hunger Games program that I am doing at my library next week, though I have not done much repinning.

Since I had already joined Pinterest, I decided to join Delicious.  Click HERE to access that account.  For this course, I linked an article about the use and accuracy of Wikipedia. Another thing I did was import the bookmarks from my computer.  I do not know if this will be useful, but I wanted to learn more about how this program works so I decided to upload them.  I made these bookmarks private, so that they are available for me at any computer station, but not available to just anyone.   
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