Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Library 2.0 : Week 5

This week we are learning about photo sharing and podcasting.

1. Photo Sharing
I signed up for an Instagram account so I could post picture from various library events that I take on my smartphone.  Next, I uploaded a picture and linked it to Twitter.  I like that Instagram is an easy uploading program for your smartphone/ipod.  

I took this picture yesterday at out library's Hunger Games Challenge event. 
Just posted a photo

The photos from this event are also posted on my library's teen facebook page - another web 2.0 tool.

2. Podcasting
Hurray!!  I love listening to podcasts and now I have an idea for using them in the library.  Making a library tour or recording stories for later use would be a great idea for libraries to use this medium.  It would also be a interesting task for teens or adults to put together a book review or program review podcast from time to time.

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