Tuesday, July 24, 2012

My love for music

This will be a personal favourite post.

All my life, I have enjoyed music.  My mother would often wake us up in the morning by playing on the piano (my favourite alarm ever!).  She also encouraged us in music lessons and in listening to music and even singing (though I am definitely an amateur there).  My siblings and I all love music and our tastes range greatly from person to person.  My one brother enjoys rap and hip hop the most.  Another brother says that he wants to learn to play the didgeridoo from Australia.  Others enjoy hymns, some pop, jazz, rock, contemporary Christian music of various genres, and of course the "classical" music of great composers throughout the ages.  I don't think any of us really enjoy country music though (probably because neither of our parents do).   

No one in my immediately family is an expert, but my mother's sister is a professional musician.  She plays the piano and teaches many excellent musicians.  I have never heard her in concert, since she lives across the country, but I did recently get an opportunity to enjoy her music in "concert" via youtube. 

If you enjoy Beethoven and orchestral music, click HERE and enjoy the show.  My aunt is the one at the piano.  Wondrous!

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