Sunday, September 30, 2012

Stories Under the Trees

As a children’s librarian, I get to read stories a lot and I really enjoy connecting with children and their families while reading.  Reading is never passive when I do story time.  I make the children think by asking them questions about the story or the pictures.  We also try to connect the stories and our lives together.  Stories should enhance our view of the world around us.  They should bring understanding beyond our own perspective.  If a story is boring, either it is not worth reading (there are many of these out there!) or you are coming at it in the wrong way. 

This summer the town where I work celebrated it’s 140th anniversary and as part of the celebration, they asked me to join them.  We went out to our local park and set up “booths”.  My spot was a reading spot.  The day started off with a terrific downpour.  Fortunately, I had a tarp to keep my books dry.  After that, the sun came out and dried everything out and warmed us up.

Throughout the afternoon many children stopped by my reading spot.  At one point I nearly lost my voice after reading to a brother and sister for about half an hour.  It was well worth it though!

Enjoy these pictures of my nature spot.  I almost thought pixies and wood elves would pop up to hear the stories too.

My enchanted reading spot
Some of the books we shared

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