Saturday, October 20, 2012

Half Birthday Party

A few weeks ago, I invited several of my friends over for a half birthday party.  I really like getting together with friends, so I thought my half birthday was a great excuse for this.  The theme of the evening was a spa night.  We all had foot baths, several people painted their nails, and a couple even put on face masks.  Everyone enjoyed sitting around, visiting, and getting a special foot treatment!
Supplies and decoration ready for the party!

Ahhh... This is so relaxing!

Hanging out


  1. Hello friend! So excited that you have a blog - it is best to catch up in person, and nice to talk on the phone, but I like that through blogging you can share photos and glimpses of life that you might not otherwise. I will be stalking - ahem - I mean following you :)


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