Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Library Decorations

At work, I am always making new posters for book displays.  As a children's librarian who also does all the teen stuff, I am always looking for a way to promote the books on my shelf.  We do not have any large display board or shelf for display, so I often place books along the top of the bookshelves with a bright poster.  Here are some of my favourites!

I put my posters together on Microsoft Publisher.  All the pictures come off their clip art or are book covers.  The fonts either come from my computer or I download a free font from the internet.  Some of my favourite downloaded fonts are the camouflage one on the Adventure Calls poster and the paw print font on the Read on the Wild Side poster.


  1. If I had your job, I would be tempted to read picture books all day. So many beautiful illustrations and wonderful words...I like your posters a lot.

  2. Ah HA! I found you here in blog land! ;) Neat! I like those posters you made - very creative - nice to know someone else who has an appreciation for a good font! ;) :D

    1. Thanks, Kaitlin! A font can make or break a poster. :)


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