Sunday, January 27, 2013

Do you like my tan?

From January 4-14, my parents, sister, and I escaped the cold of Ontario for the warmth of Florida and the Bahamas. 

On our way!
Our journey started from Buffalo, where we took a 2-½ hour flight south to Orlando.  While in Florida, we visited with several friends from when we were living in Haiti and other places.  We also enjoyed swimming in the pool and playing games at the hotel we stayed at. 

Touring the cruise ship
On Tuesday, January 8, we drove south to Port of Palm Beach and boarded the Bahamas Celebration cruise ship for an overnight cruise to the Grand Bahama Island.  I had never been on a cruise ship before, so it was fun to explore the decks and look around.  For dinner, we ate at the Crystal Room restaurant where we enjoyed a delicious five-course meal.  Our server was from Columbia and we were able to encourage him in his Christian walk.  My parents always ask our servers if there is something we can pray about for them.  Most people are happy to share a request and some are even happy to share in the prayer.  It gives an opportunity to be a witness for God wherever we stop.  My mom also writes down the names and remembers them in the future.  What a challenge to me.

Bible study with the birds
When we arrived in the Bahamas, we put our stuff in our hotel room and then went out to enjoy the warmth of the sun.  Since I have fair skin, I made sure to apply sun block (so, unfortunately I have no tan).  I decided that I would rather come back to Canada pale than burnt.  Our room overlooked the pool and beach and had a lovely balcony where we would read our Bibles and delight in the morning sunshine.  We enjoyed dipping in the ocean (though it was too cold to stay in for long) and the pools (which were also pretty chilly).  We spent most of our time sitting and reading by the water and exploring the little shopping area just outside the resort where we ate at the various restaurants.  After supper, we would go for a nice walk as the sun set and enjoy the nice breeze.  In the evening, we would watch some TV, favouring the food network.  :-)

On Friday, we returned to the cruise ship and sailed back to Florida, landing on Saturday morning.  After a delicious breakfast, we left to visit some more friends.  We flew back to Buffalo on Sunday and drove home on Monday. 

This holiday was very relaxing and, besides a bad cold that I got at the end of the trip, I was rested and ready to return to normal life.
Oh, what a beautiful morning!
Enjoying the warm breeze.
The bracelets we had to wear around the resort
Yum! Red Snapper and Rice & Peas
Delicious dessert on the ship!


  1. Looks like such a nice holiday - I love the photo of the beach and ocean!! Loris said the fish looks amazing, but sadly I cannot agree, lol.


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