Friday, March 8, 2013

An embarrassing bahaviour pattern

Day 8: A Bad Habit
One of my bad habits, is that I like to rip.  And it is not always paper that I like to rip.  I rip the skin around my nails and the nails themselves. If there are rough edges, I do not get a tool and smooth it, I rip ... sometimes to the point of bleeding.  When my hands are dry it becomes even worse because there are more rough surfaces.  So, I try to keep my hands lotioned up and remember to use nail clippers and other tools occasionally.  I have given many half-hearted efforts to stop this habit, but maybe I should give it another go.


  1. Haha - great minds...aahh, eat fruit and bad habit alike?!? ;) I understand the ripping thing - so bad...but so good! ;) lol!! I did give up bitting me nails a few times, once even for about 6 months or so - even got all into pretty nail polishes and french manicures (home jobs) but in the end, went right back to biting! :P

    1. Yes, we do eat our bad habits ... skin & nails... not quite as delicious as fruit though!

  2. hahahahahah!! Oh, that read so wrong! I was trying to make a play on the saying, "Great minds think alike." And meant that we both did citrus and nail biting habits - not that we both eat our bad habits! hahahaha! Sorry about that!

  3. haha, you two are funny. If I was being honest I could have posted "picking dead skin off of my dry heels" but that is disgusting and who would like to see a picture of that? Not me! ;)

  4. I had a hard time choosing a bad habit. When you know you have to take a picture, you realize how many habits you've formed and not all of them are good. My roommate offered to take a picture of me sleeping in. LOL.


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