Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Caught Ya!

Day 12: Sunset
Today started off gloomy with flurries off and on and I thought I would not catch a sunset and instead just get a picture of greyness to the west... but it did clear up and I almost missed it! You can see the faint pink glow as the sky cleared up and I ran out the back door at work to get a shot around 7:15 pm.  The reason I nearly missed the sunset is because I have been having a BUSY day.  The library I work at is featuring programs galore this week as the school kids have their March Break.  Today was Lego Club (22 kids and counting) and Teen Advisory Group (only 3 teens) which kept me hopping.  Tomorrow we have a story time and an Angry Birds program (where we are expecting around 30 kids).  Whew!  I had better go home and get to bed.


  1. Nice! I really like the compostition in this photo. Haha, I'm glad you caught my MARCHing along pun!! ;) I hope/pray that tomorrow goes well!!!

    1. You like the composition of my photo? It's pure luck. I basically ran out the back door, made sure my setting was on landscape, and shot! Just glad that I caught some pink. ;)

    2. Well maybe you have more natural talent then you think/realize!?! ;)


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