Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Going on a Pink hunt

Day 25: Something Pink
A colour that was very, I mean VERY hard for me to find today.  I looked around my house and did not see anything.  Then, I went for a walk and saw a teacup, but Anita beat me to that.  (Your teacups are lovely, Anita, and I am glad that you thought of it first).  Then I came back home and looked around again and I saw a pink paper hanging above my dresser.  It was my Christmas gift from my niece.  She was 16 months old at Christmas and with her mom’s help (my sister J), she made a picture for each person in our family.  Such a special gift that I will treasure and will display until I get another piece of artwork (by the same artist of course) to hang in its spot.


  1. The best kind of art work. I have a framed work from the granddaughters a few years ago. It is my favorite piece of art!


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