Tuesday, March 12, 2013

MDP Workbook…what’s that?

Another day of multiple postings (since I usually don't have internet access over the weekends)

Day 10: Childhood memory
Since I have a lot of childhood memories, it was hard to narrow it down. And even harder to figure out one that I could take a picture of. I wanted to take a picture of my siblings and I playing Dutch Blitz, but I only saw them at church today so that did not work.  Instead, I started rummaging through my Hope Chest and here is what I came up with...

The story of my MDP workbook
In the summer of 1991, my parents decided to travel west.  We hooked up our camping trailer to our suburban, packed everyone in the car, and drove from Pennsylvania to Alaska.  Why would we do something like this?  It was not really a vacation (though we did stop to see Old Faithful and drove through the South Dakota Badlands) but it was an important trip.  My parents felt the call of God to take His word and His love to people who had never heard the good news of salvation in Jesus Christ.  That summer we spent 6 weeks on Kodiak Island building friendships with the people and helping with some small churches there. 

After that summer, my parents were sure that God was calling them to work with the native peoples of Alaska and Northern Canada and the support-raising journey began.

We visited a myriad of churches in mostly Eastern United States.  My dad may have had more than one message that he shared with these churches, but I only remember the one from Genesis 22 that continued to 1 Samuel 3 and concluded in Isaiah 6.  The theme was “Here I am” and it emphasised a willingness to go where God calls.  During the service, my sisters and I would stand up and sing a Patch the Pirate song, “Here Am I Lord, Send Me”.  After the service, we would hang out in the back table and I would ask people my favourite Alaska joke. 

Kendra: Juneau the capitol of Alaska?
Unsuspecting church person: No, what is it?
Kendra: Yes, it is!
(Please don’t groan too loudly I was only 6 or 7 at the time)

Fast forward to Winnipeg, Manitoba in May & June 1993 when I was 8 years old.  My parents attended Missionary Development Program an orientation for ministry with native peoples across the Northern Hemisphere.  While our parents were in class, all the children had fun and educational days and excursions.  Our longsuffering teachers came up with some great stuff.  We sang, played games, visited the park, and travelled all over Winnipeg to museums and historical places.  They even had us create a journal/scrapbook of all the things we did and that is how I came to have an MDP Workbook in my collection.  Here is a quote about what I thought of one of the activities: “We went to Fort Whyte and we saw animals. It was fun.  We saw ducks and other animals.  And we had a lot of fun and I mean it.” 

Not long after this trip, my parents and the mission organisation parted ways because our family was not able to meet the minimum required support level.  From there our family journey continued to my dad completing a Master’s program at Baptist Bible Seminary and then in October 1995 we left on a plane from JFK in New York City for Port-au-Prince, Haiti.  My parents never thought they would move someplace so warm (The coldest days in Haiti were warmer than the warmest days in Alaska), but as they say, God has a sense of humour.


  1. Aww. So cute. And what a nice memory. You had a very interesting childhood. God has certainly given you a lot of diversity growing up.

  2. Really neat Kendra!! I knew you had lived in Haiti for some time but I didn't know all this! And I love your younger self quote, "And we had a lot of fun and I mean it.” hahah!

  3. Thanks. We got used to the inside of our car ... maybe that's why I'm always carrying around backpacks full of books and games and stuff to listen to.

    Apparently "fun" was my favourite way to describe stuff when I was 8. :)

  4. What a great story, I really enjoyed this post! Like Kaitlin, I was going to quote that line from your journal because it made me laugh, haha.


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