Friday, March 22, 2013

More than just a pretty face

My pictures from yesterday...

Day 21: Faceless Self Portrait
I had a couple ideas for today, so I have included both.  The first one is a reflection in the sliding door to the porch at my apartment.  I cannot wait until spring and summer to use this porch for reading and relaxing.  I nearly froze my fingers taking this picture.

The second picture is an idea that I have seen on some library and literature blogs.  You choose a book that has a face (whether human or animal) and put it up against yours.  I chose Authentic Beauty by Leslie Ludy because I like the picture and because it was a good and challenging book that I read a few years ago.  In the background is the library where  I work.  I figured books and libraries go together well.  

On a side note... I figured out how to do some long exposure stuff on my point & shoot camera. Click HERE to see Day 16 of this challenge.


  1. Wow. You are getting to be quite a photographer! Such cool pix!

  2. AHHHH!! Fantastic images here Kendra!!! I REALLY like that second one of you - that book idea is very neat!! (I did one where all you saw was the camera instead of my face but not nearly as lovely a shot as what you have here!!) And way-to-go on the long exposure stuff - I really like that image - what did you use to make it?? I think you are really learning and growing through this challenge (I know I am sure learning A LOT!!!) I love that you are keeping up on it - even without full time interent!!! See, point and shoot cameras have lots of potential! I loved my old point and shoot and some of my favourite pics I have ever taken came from it! :D

    1. The long exposure came from too much frustration with Bokeh. :) I had candles lit to be in the background. All I did was use either the night or fireworks setting and just move my camera around in a circle while the picture was being taken.

      I think the biggest thing I am learning in this challenge is to look for photo opportunities. I have some nice pictures that I wouldn't have taken except that I already had my camera handy for the blog photo. I think I'll do a weekly photo on my blog after this month. Keep up with photos, but not quite so intense. :)

      Thanks for your encouragement.


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