Saturday, March 16, 2013

On a Rollllllll

Day 16: Long Exposure
So, this isn't quite a long exposure, but it's pretty close.  My point and shoot camera can only go down to 80 ISO, so I created a photo collage of a succession of pictures of me Rolling up the Rim on a Tim Horton's coffee.

I rarely eat out and I barely buy anything from Tim Horton's.  Today, I was filling in at one of the other library branches in our small system and one of the regular patrons came in the door carrying 2 Tim Horton's cups.  She asked where the regular lady was and I said that I was filling in for her.  Well, she gave me one of the cups and said that I got an English Toffee since the other lady was not here.  Now, I do not drink anything coffeeish, but it was a gift and she was there watching to see if I would drink it.  So, I took a sip and low and behold .... I liked it!!  So now I am on a caffine/sugar high and am willing to drink another one sometime.  Sadly, I only one a chance to play again in the roll up the rim challenge. :(  But I got a free drink anyway, so why complain.  :)


  1. Neat Kendra!! Good for you for figuring something out. If you have a 'night' setting on your camera that would have given you the long exposure effect you were looking for! But full points for creativity here!! :D *thumbs up*

    1. I do have a night setting, but I find it collects too much light when I use it during the day. I'll have to play around with it some more.


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