Friday, April 5, 2013

A View From My World #1

Last month Kaitlin over at Homemaker Design sent out an invitation to join her in a 30 day photo challenge.  I found out that I enjoy looking at my world in this way, so I am heading out on a quest to get a photo a week until at least the end of 2013.  Each week will have a different theme and hopefully I will find something that fits the bill.

Week 1: Shapes
What a fun way to see things around you.  I think a fun project to do with a child or even a peer would be to go for a walk and point out every circle or square or other shape you see.   Here are some of the shapes that crossed my path (or was it me crossing theirs?) this week.

I was on a walk to visit my sister and saw this house with a neat triangular design.

Square (or how to maintain flabby thighs)
I work at a public library in a small town and people love to bring us treats.  I must confess that my taste buds really enjoy sugar and I often gobble up the goodies.  A few months ago I moved to the town where I work which is good since I can now walk to work and burn off the treat calories.  These butter tarts were packaged in a lovely square box.

As I was walking home from work one evening, I came across this hubcap lying on the side of the street in a pile of snow.  I walked past it and then turned around to get a picture of this circular object.

Rectangle and Oval
Even in my kitchen, I can find fun shapes.

On my way to work this morning, I saw this nice star in someones yard.


  1. So glad you turned around to take that circle picture!! I like it!! I REALLY like your oval picture, super nice!! I can see it framed in a kitchen! I like this challenge idea - thanks for sending me your list - I may jump in yet! ;)

    1. Thanks. Feel free to join or just choose a couple challenges to participate in.

  2. Cool photos. I like them. Open eyes is a great way to go about life!

  3. I love your oval and rectangular photo. (Not just because of the cheese:)

  4. Cool idea, Kendra. Great pictures.


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