Saturday, May 4, 2013

A yearly routine

"Swingin" in the Rain :)

I graduated from Algonquin College in June 2009.  Every year since then (on the last weekend in April) I have made a trek to visit my friends in that area.  I start planning this trip in February when I get tired of winter and every year, the last weekend of April works best for all our schedules.  Maybe I should put this "holiday" in my calendar along with Thanksgiving and Christmas.

My weekend started with Stephanie and her family.  Things were especially exciting this year with Stephanie's baby boy and her sister’s upcoming wedding.

Then up to visit my friends M & S.  We went for a lovely walk to see some tulips and other flowers.

The weekend wrapped up with a visit to my sister, J, and her family.  Her oldest daughter is 20 months old and quite the comedian.  Her new baby is just over a month old and is quite tiny still.




  1. That baby feet photo is super cute!! I think, though, you need to extend your vacation to squeeze us in as well! ;) :D I'm glad you had fun!!!

    1. Well, I'll get to see you for a bit at least in June. :)

  2. Love all the photos. As always, it was so great to spend time with you! Hoping for better weather next time you visit :)

  3. You are always welcome. It was a short visit this time but you are so lovely everyone wants a piece of your time!


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