Friday, August 9, 2013

A day at my work = Crazy Hair

Getting ready for crazy hair!
This summer, I am challenging the children at the library where I work to read as much as possible.  To assist with that goal, I made up a giant map of the world (to go along with our theme of Go!) and divided into lots of blocks.  The children colour in one block for each hour they spend reading.  It is great to see the chart getting filled in box by box (sometimes a teen will come in and fill in a whole line at a time!).  My summer student assistant and I promised the children that if they read half way up the chart (almost 800 hours of reading) we would wear our hair in crazy pigtails all day.  Well, on July 30th, they passed that goal and on July 31st, we came to work with our hair sticking out at odd angles.  I felt really silly as I walked to work with my hair sticking out, but once I got there… I thought it was great!  We even have our picture in the local newspaper this week.  And the kids are reading like crazy … we have just over one more week to record the reading and I think we will make it to the top of the map which means I will likely be wearing my outfit backwards very soon. Duh!Duh!Duh!
1 side done.
Ta-Da!  With some of the readers & my summer assistant.

1 comment:

  1. It's a great look for you Kendra ;) That's so funny that you had to walk to work like that!

    This made me remember our crazy hair day at camp!


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