Monday, September 9, 2013

August Adventures #8...Cards

In August, I had the opportunity to create a few special cards.  Here are two of them.
A card for one of the summer student's at the library who got married at the end of August.

Brothers are hard people to make cards for ... but I really like this simple card I made for my bro for his birthday

Sunday, September 8, 2013

August Adventures #7...Color Me Rad

On Saturday, August 31, six ladies in bright white t-shirts piled into a van and headed down to Toronto to participate in a Color Me Rad 5K race.  When we arrived, we were given race bibs, cool shades, and rub on tattoos.  We then headed to the racing area.  Our team was the "Travelling Turtles" because we planned to walk most of the race to save the the weak ankles and knees of some members of our team.  As we went around the race route, we entered stations where we were covered in liquid or powdered colour.  When we were finished, our sparkling white shirts were covered in green, orange, and more.  It was a fun way to spend a day with friends.
Team Travelling Turtles!
The "Travelling" part of our team ... we kept getting ahead and having to wait for the rest to catch up.

The "Turtle" part of our team ...You did it!

Are we up for the fun again next year?

Saturday, September 7, 2013

August Adventures #6...Boom Operator

One Saturday in August I helped my brother J while he was doing some videoing for a New Tribe Mission's Off the Grid promo video.  He had me sit at the front during some of the meetings so he could get good audio for the video.  I was in charge of following the speaker with the microphone.  Maybe I should add "Boom Operator" to my resume.  hehe.

Friday, September 6, 2013

August Adventures #5 ... Kidlets meet Quelf

A couple weeks ago, some friends from church and I got together.  Most of them are married and have children.  Their husbands were getting together elsewhere, so one of my friends decided the ladies should have a fun night too.  So, with six children ages three and under running around, we ate dinner and then played a game of Quelf.  I had never played Quelf before and adding the toddler dynamic in to the mix made it more exciting than normal.
Kidlets playing with duplos
Kidlet running around with a truck! There was a parade of children running around the kitchen island.
Now to explain the game ...
Quelf is basically a game of randomness.  When it is your turn, you roll the die, move to a coloured spot, and then the fun begins.  You pick up a card and do what it says (see below for pictures of some of the fun).  Some of the cards tell you to write random poems about things like armpits, others tell you that whenever you have a turn you have to click your heels together and say, "There's no place like home.", and others challenged you not to laugh while performing some weird song or action.  So we attempted to play this game and were successful!  Sometimes we had to wait while a mom was tending to a child ... but the game continued without too much interruption. 

Quelf gameboard with some extra toys on it.
N hanging out in the fort she had to make one turn

I got to pretend I was a dog and sit, play dead, and pick stuff up.  Yuck!

J having fun as the letter X.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

August Adventures #4 ... Fresh Fruit Smoothies.

Fresh blueberries, peaches, and more mixed in a blender with frozen strawberries, yogurt, and sometimes ice cubes makes for a refreshing summer dessert or snack.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

August Adventures #3 ... Where's my tail?

Feathers everywhere!
In this POST, I told you about my pet birds.  Well ... every summer they go through a molt where they get new feathers.  Most of the year Maltbie (the male) sings and sings, but the past few weeks he has been sitting around waiting for his feathers to grow back.  

One day I noticed that Maltbie (he's the green one below) only had one tail feather, then a few days later I noticed that he didn't have any at all. This past week the new ones are growing in.  Soon my house will be full of joyful singing again. :)
One lonely tail feather
No feathers left. :(

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

August Adventures #2 ...Birthdays!

In my family everyone has their birthdays between the end of July and early November except for me (all by my lonesome over in February ... well, I guess I'm not quite all alone as my newest niece was born in March)  Anyway, August has the closest birthdays with my sister E on the 18th and my brother J on the 21st.  In all their life they have only had one joint birthday party, so it makes for a busy week.  

I had already given my sister her present, but I thought that since she really likes olives, I would include a jar with her birthday card.

Opening some gifts
If you know my brother J at all, you know he is pretty fun loving and keeps us all laughing.  He also is doing courses so he can join the film making community sometime.
Talking to our brother D who is in Texas
Sister E is a wonderful cook.  She decided that she would make a special cake for J featuring one of his favourite movie characters.  For more pics, check out her blog HERE.

Since J enjoys movies, some of us decided to get him a couple more to add to his collection.  After dinner, we watched Iron Man on the big screen (my parents have a projector).

Monday, September 2, 2013

August Adventures #1... Work and Life-Size Candy Land

Summer is the busiest time of my year at work.  As a child & youth librarian, I plan activities and a reading program for the children and teens of my community all summer long.  I have already posted some of the summer fun HERE and HERE.

In August, we held a program at two of our library branches that I have been keeping in the back of my head for the last couple years. (Check these out for more inspiration: HERE and HERE.)  It was a game of Life-Size Candy Land for the tweens.  Both groups enjoyed the game (they especially liked that everyone got a giant lollipop or tootsie pop at the end).

To play this game, we set up various coloured squares of poster board as well as special spots (like Peppermint Forest and Gumdrop Mountains).  The goal was to get to the Candy Castle at the end.  The tweens were the game pieces.  Everyone began at the "START" square and then got to move forward as I called out a characteristic (age, hair colour, school attended, has a pet dog, etc) and a colour (or special spot).  If the characteristic was true for them they they got to move forward (or if it was a special spot behind them, then backwards) to the matching colour.  It was really quite simple and everyone had the hang of it by the second or third card.  When they got to the end, they could choose a candy prize from the Candy Castle and start over if they wanted.  We played about two rounds and then had a few snacks.   
Part of the "Game Board"

If you have a brother .... Move to the Peppermint Forest!

Winners of the Giant Lollipops!

Cards that told us where to move

Yes, I am still blogging ...

You may have noticed (or not because you have had a month like mine) that I have not posted anything to this blog in over 3 weeks.  I had a goal that I was going to post 1-2 times each week and then life got in the way.  I think that it is good if life and relationships get in the way of computer time.  Over the next few days, you'll get a glimpse into my busy August and then hopefully I'll pick up with 1-2 posts a week again.  Enjoy!

Oh, and Happy Labour Day! 
All the city people headed south from their cottages
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