Monday, September 2, 2013

August Adventures #1... Work and Life-Size Candy Land

Summer is the busiest time of my year at work.  As a child & youth librarian, I plan activities and a reading program for the children and teens of my community all summer long.  I have already posted some of the summer fun HERE and HERE.

In August, we held a program at two of our library branches that I have been keeping in the back of my head for the last couple years. (Check these out for more inspiration: HERE and HERE.)  It was a game of Life-Size Candy Land for the tweens.  Both groups enjoyed the game (they especially liked that everyone got a giant lollipop or tootsie pop at the end).

To play this game, we set up various coloured squares of poster board as well as special spots (like Peppermint Forest and Gumdrop Mountains).  The goal was to get to the Candy Castle at the end.  The tweens were the game pieces.  Everyone began at the "START" square and then got to move forward as I called out a characteristic (age, hair colour, school attended, has a pet dog, etc) and a colour (or special spot).  If the characteristic was true for them they they got to move forward (or if it was a special spot behind them, then backwards) to the matching colour.  It was really quite simple and everyone had the hang of it by the second or third card.  When they got to the end, they could choose a candy prize from the Candy Castle and start over if they wanted.  We played about two rounds and then had a few snacks.   
Part of the "Game Board"

If you have a brother .... Move to the Peppermint Forest!

Winners of the Giant Lollipops!

Cards that told us where to move

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