Tuesday, September 3, 2013

August Adventures #2 ...Birthdays!

In my family everyone has their birthdays between the end of July and early November except for me (all by my lonesome over in February ... well, I guess I'm not quite all alone as my newest niece was born in March)  Anyway, August has the closest birthdays with my sister E on the 18th and my brother J on the 21st.  In all their life they have only had one joint birthday party, so it makes for a busy week.  

I had already given my sister her present, but I thought that since she really likes olives, I would include a jar with her birthday card.

Opening some gifts
If you know my brother J at all, you know he is pretty fun loving and keeps us all laughing.  He also is doing courses so he can join the film making community sometime.
Talking to our brother D who is in Texas
Sister E is a wonderful cook.  She decided that she would make a special cake for J featuring one of his favourite movie characters.  For more pics, check out her blog HERE.

Since J enjoys movies, some of us decided to get him a couple more to add to his collection.  After dinner, we watched Iron Man on the big screen (my parents have a projector).


  1. Don't forget about the Birthday coming up ;)

  2. I won't forget J's bday. :) Oh, right and D's is coming up next month.


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