Wednesday, September 4, 2013

August Adventures #3 ... Where's my tail?

Feathers everywhere!
In this POST, I told you about my pet birds.  Well ... every summer they go through a molt where they get new feathers.  Most of the year Maltbie (the male) sings and sings, but the past few weeks he has been sitting around waiting for his feathers to grow back.  

One day I noticed that Maltbie (he's the green one below) only had one tail feather, then a few days later I noticed that he didn't have any at all. This past week the new ones are growing in.  Soon my house will be full of joyful singing again. :)
One lonely tail feather
No feathers left. :(


  1. Umm, that first photo...SO NEAT!! I LOVE it!! Great eye Kendra!! I've missed your blogging but I'm glad you had a busy but good summer! :)

    1. Thanks, Kaitlin. I was excited to get such a nice picture with my little camera. :)


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