Friday, September 6, 2013

August Adventures #5 ... Kidlets meet Quelf

A couple weeks ago, some friends from church and I got together.  Most of them are married and have children.  Their husbands were getting together elsewhere, so one of my friends decided the ladies should have a fun night too.  So, with six children ages three and under running around, we ate dinner and then played a game of Quelf.  I had never played Quelf before and adding the toddler dynamic in to the mix made it more exciting than normal.
Kidlets playing with duplos
Kidlet running around with a truck! There was a parade of children running around the kitchen island.
Now to explain the game ...
Quelf is basically a game of randomness.  When it is your turn, you roll the die, move to a coloured spot, and then the fun begins.  You pick up a card and do what it says (see below for pictures of some of the fun).  Some of the cards tell you to write random poems about things like armpits, others tell you that whenever you have a turn you have to click your heels together and say, "There's no place like home.", and others challenged you not to laugh while performing some weird song or action.  So we attempted to play this game and were successful!  Sometimes we had to wait while a mom was tending to a child ... but the game continued without too much interruption. 

Quelf gameboard with some extra toys on it.
N hanging out in the fort she had to make one turn

I got to pretend I was a dog and sit, play dead, and pick stuff up.  Yuck!

J having fun as the letter X.


  1. Looks like a fun time!! Phone date soon...I will send you an email :)


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