Sunday, September 8, 2013

August Adventures #7...Color Me Rad

On Saturday, August 31, six ladies in bright white t-shirts piled into a van and headed down to Toronto to participate in a Color Me Rad 5K race.  When we arrived, we were given race bibs, cool shades, and rub on tattoos.  We then headed to the racing area.  Our team was the "Travelling Turtles" because we planned to walk most of the race to save the the weak ankles and knees of some members of our team.  As we went around the race route, we entered stations where we were covered in liquid or powdered colour.  When we were finished, our sparkling white shirts were covered in green, orange, and more.  It was a fun way to spend a day with friends.
Team Travelling Turtles!
The "Travelling" part of our team ... we kept getting ahead and having to wait for the rest to catch up.

The "Turtle" part of our team ...You did it!

Are we up for the fun again next year?

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  1. Oh, wow! What crazy fun colourfulness!!! :D Way to go - your first 5k!!!! Fantastic!! How did it feel? Were you proud of yourself? (was this the one you were training for??) Okay...enough questions! ;) But it looked like a really great time!!! :D


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