Friday, November 29, 2013

Christmas is coming... Farm

This page is one of my favourite pages.  I had fun measuring the red felt to make the barn outline and then figuring out the best way to sew the white details onto the page.  A ruler was my best friend as I created the barn.  After the page was together, I sewed up the finger puppets.  If you want to make finger puppets like these, check out THIS blog.  It has all the patterns.  I just printed and traced out my puppets and then sewed them together.

Look what's inside!
A having fun playing with the puppets.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Christmas is coming...Gardening

This is a fun page, but not as wonderful as I thought it would be.  My inspiration came from HERE and HERE. On this page, are planted onions, carrots, and beets.  There is a Velcro closing at the bottom of the page so any vegetables that get planted too deep can be retrieved.  

To make this page, I drew a hilly line along a piece of brown felt and green felt.  I chose a background of blue felt with a little white cloud in the corner.  For the word "garden", I wrote on the felt in pen and then hand stitched over top.  It was a little tricky to put the layers together as I wanted to leave a pocket at the bottom with a velcro closure, and make a pocket to hold the veggies with the green felt.  I just played around with my sewing machine until all the layers were together.  For the veggies, I just used scraps of felt and made them look like onions, carrots, and beets.  I am guessing that the veggies will get lost and I will have to make more in the future. 


Friday, November 22, 2013

Christmas is coming... Paint Palette

This book nearly overwhelmed me and took so much longer to make than I thought it would.  I spent a couple weeks working on it in during most of my free time.  For many of the pages I got my ideas from THIS blog found via Pinterest. 
The first page in A's book is a paint palette.  I traced out a palette and paint splotch onto paper and then copied that over to the felt.  I first tried putting on sticky velcro.  Bad idea because it does not stick to felt.  Plan B was to get some sew on velcro and cut it into little squares and attached the soft side to the paint colours and the hook side to the palette.  It worked!  I also sewed a couple pieces of white felt onto the background to hold the paintbrush.
Sewing Velcro on the paint colours.
Laying out the page

A knows what to do with paint.  :-)

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Christmas is coming... Texture Book

For my eight-month-old niece, B, I made a texture book for her to play with and chew on.  I knew that she is teething and I thought she would like a book that she can really sink her teeth (or her gums) into.  I took my ideas from THIS blog found via Pinterest. The lovely shapes on the centre page were made by my friend who is coaching me as I make a quilt from the fabric my grandmother used to make outfits for us when we were younger (look for a post on that in the next couple months).  She has a surger machine and finished off the edges of the fabric using it.
The cover ... made out of a shiny pillowcase I picked up at a second hand store.
Page 1 ... A shiny piece of satiny material from my grandmother. 
She made dresses for my sisters and I and used this fabric for the skirts.
Page 2 ... Lace taken from dresses I tore up to make my quilt on a background of fun fabric.

Page 3 ... Fur cut from a teddy bear I found at a second hand store edged by fabric I got from my grandmother.
Page 4 & 5 ... Shapes made out of a variety of textures (Square=fur, Triangle=quilt batting, Circle=wash cloth)

Page 6 ... Blanket from the Teddy Bear from page 3
Page 7 ... Piece of corduroy from leftover material
from my grandmother’s collection.
Page 8 ... A granny square crochet block.
Button closure ...
Yum! I love it.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Christmas is coming...The gifts are given

My craft workspace took over the dining room table!
 A couple weeks ago, I posted a SNEAK PEAK of my nieces Christmas gifts.  Last weekend, my sister and her family came to visit and I gave my nieces their gifts.  I made each of them a quiet book and over the next few weeks, I will post pictures of each of the pages in the books as well as instructions or where I got my inspiration for the page.  
Warning: Making a quiet book is rewarding, but VERY time consuming! :-)

Wrapped and ready to go.  The bigger book is for my two-year-old niece (referred to as A in these posts) and the smaller book is for my Eight-month-old niece (referred to as B in these posts)
Yum! Yum! B sinks her gums into the book before she even gets the wrapping off.
A loves opening presents!

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