Friday, November 22, 2013

Christmas is coming... Paint Palette

This book nearly overwhelmed me and took so much longer to make than I thought it would.  I spent a couple weeks working on it in during most of my free time.  For many of the pages I got my ideas from THIS blog found via Pinterest. 
The first page in A's book is a paint palette.  I traced out a palette and paint splotch onto paper and then copied that over to the felt.  I first tried putting on sticky velcro.  Bad idea because it does not stick to felt.  Plan B was to get some sew on velcro and cut it into little squares and attached the soft side to the paint colours and the hook side to the palette.  It worked!  I also sewed a couple pieces of white felt onto the background to hold the paintbrush.
Sewing Velcro on the paint colours.
Laying out the page

A knows what to do with paint.  :-)


  1. Looking good - I love the polka-dot fabric for the covers!! ;) Can't wait for the rest!!

    1. Thanks. I had that fabric lying around and thought it would make a nice cover.


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