Saturday, November 16, 2013

Christmas is coming...The gifts are given

My craft workspace took over the dining room table!
 A couple weeks ago, I posted a SNEAK PEAK of my nieces Christmas gifts.  Last weekend, my sister and her family came to visit and I gave my nieces their gifts.  I made each of them a quiet book and over the next few weeks, I will post pictures of each of the pages in the books as well as instructions or where I got my inspiration for the page.  
Warning: Making a quiet book is rewarding, but VERY time consuming! :-)

Wrapped and ready to go.  The bigger book is for my two-year-old niece (referred to as A in these posts) and the smaller book is for my Eight-month-old niece (referred to as B in these posts)
Yum! Yum! B sinks her gums into the book before she even gets the wrapping off.
A loves opening presents!


  1. You changed the look of you blog!!
    I like it :)

  2. Thanks, ladies ... I'm sure I'll tweak it more over the next bit. :)

  3. Cute gifts! And cute blog renovation :)

  4. OH lovely!!! I so want to make those....or at least I think I want to make them - good on you to make TWO! And early for the Christmas season!! What a great Aunt!!! I can't wait for the 'how-to' posts!! :D

    1. Thanks, Kaitlin. I whipped up the smaller book in an afternoon, so if you want to make one, I suggest you go for a small book. Or if you're ambitious...set aside a good chunk of time to figure everything out for a larger one.

  5. Now I want to see inside the books! And I'm waiting for Kaitlin's part two. Can't stand the anticipation! Your nieces are adorable!


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