Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Christmas is coming... Safari Animals

This post wraps up the Quiet Book series.  Hope you enjoyed seeing all the pages.

This page was not part of my original plans for the book, but when I asked my sister what farm animals my niece A likes (for this PAGE) she said that A really likes wild animals especially hippos, monkeys, and giraffes.  So the hunt for an idea for an animal page began.  The idea was hatched when I saw this BLOG POST.  For more history on this page, see this POST.

To make this page, I first traced out the animal outlines on paper and then transferred them to felt.  I sewed the bodies onto the background with a sewing machine. I stitched in the details on the face by hand making sure to include the snap on the back.  For the hippo, giraffe, and monkey, I sewed the snap behind an eye.  For the lion, I sewed the snap onto the back of the mane and then sewed the face to the mane.  I made sure the snap on the back of the head and the snap on the page lined up.  Now you can switch the animal's heads around.  
Having fun switching the heads around.


  1. This is so creative! I think I'm going to snag this idea for baby Em sometime!

    1. Thanks J. It was a lot of work, but I hope it will be well loved. I still have the quiet book my grandmother made me when I was small (and it still has most of the pieces too!).

  2. Hahahah!! This is too cute!!!!!!!! I love the idea!! Oh Kendra you have BLOWN me away with this whole project!!! I would love to make one...but maybe I'll just hire you!!! ;) And that's really neat that you have the one your grandmother made you - I thought this was a relatively new idea - but I guess not eh?!


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